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On Sunday, July 28th I was a part of an audience roaring with laughter as we watched a performance of the nine time Tony Award®-winning musical The Book of Mormon. This was a Broadway San Diego show running from July 23rd-28th at the San Diego Civic Theater.

The 2,967 seat venue was a nice and enjoyable setting as the red velvet seats, curtains and shining chandleries gave the San Diego Civic Theater a very classic and authentic look.

Premiering in March 2011 and written by Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Robert Lopez, The Book of Mormon is now the 14th longest running musical and has grossed over $500 million dollars making it one of the most financially successful musicals of all time.

This satirical musical comedy tells the story of two young Mormon missionaries who are finally ready to go out and share their faith with others. When the time comes for the two eager young men, Elder Kevin Price and Elder Arnold Cunningham, to receive placement for their first two year missionary assignment, they are faced with an unexpected twist when they are sent to a remote village Uganda. While in this village, the boys see the struggles the local people face and experience their own challenge of effectively sharing their Mormon faith with the local people. It is while navigating through these new challenges that the two boys learn about leadership, responsibility, helping others, faith, friendship and hope. The play is definitely satirical and at times contains some shocking language and some controversial topics, but the story overall does also express the importance of faith and helping others.

While the play is known for making people laugh, it is also known for its music. I was impressed by the first song “Hello” that is featured in the opening scene. It is able to include many voices singing at different times that each come together to collectively make an upbeat song that also flows well. Each character is saying, “hello” and singing at different times, but at the end of the song they sing in unison and the harmonization was really great and a fun way to start off the performance.

The singing, acting and dancing exhibited by all cast members was also impressive throughout.

Elder Kevin (Liam Tobin) and Elder Cunningham (Jordan Matthew Brown) both exhibited really great performances in which their singing, acting and dancing were true to their characters and you could see their love of performing shine through. I also thought Nabulungi’s (Alyah Chanelle Scott) vocals in the song “Sal Tlay Ka Siti” were also really great and filled with talent and emotion.

I also noticed that the choreography throughout was very complex and really interesting to watch. Their were many scenes in which multiple members of the cast were dancing on the stage together in bright costumes with lots of complicated choreography. I thought all of the actors did an marvelous job performing this complicated choreography which made for a memorable and entertaining performance.

Overall, I enjoyed the music, acting and dancing in The Book of Mormon. While it is satirical and aimed at making the audience laugh and has many humorous moments, I enjoyed that there are also positive messages included such as the importance of faith, friendship, leadership and helping others.

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