Wonder Woman: Bloodlines (MOVIE REVIEW) by Jozy P.

Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 4.16.15 PMCan betrayal of one’s own family be redeemed?

A continuation of the DC Animated Movie Universe, Diana begins her journey as Wonder Woman and takes on villains that lie close to home.

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines immediately starts with action- as fighter planes get attacked by unknown alien entities. Steve Trevor (voiced by Jeffrey Donovan) is one of the attacked and before he drowns in his sinking plane, Diana (voiced by Rosario Dawson) aka Wonder Woman, saves him.

Coming to consciousness, Diana heals him of his wounds. Steve tells Diana that Earth is being attacked by aliens and he must return to help. Diana believes it is her duty to go save Earth and help Steve but her mother, the queen (voiced by Cree Summer), forbids her from going. Diana tells her that everything she’s learned has prepared her for this moment and she joins Steve as they go back to Earth.

It is interesting to note that at this point, this seems to be the same story as the live action Wonder Woman. As I’m not familiar with previous DC movies that have preceded this one, I was curious if the animation would be the same as the live action movie.

Instead, the plot takes a turn and the two head for a more modern-day city to visit Julia Kapatelis, a university professor who helps Diana merge into the new world. Vanessa Kapatelis, Julia’s daughter, becomes jealous of Diana and Julia’s relationship, as Julia constantly corrects Vanessa and dotes on Diana.

Diana then decides on a superhero outfit for her new-found fame for her heroic deeds, and the title of the movie flashes on the screen. Although the transition made sense, I think it was an awkward timing to keep the title so far from the beginning of the movie.

The movie then flashes forward in time, where Diana has progressed in her career as Wonder Woman. Diana, Steve and their new partner, Etta Candy (played by Adrienne C. Moore) , work as a team to defeat villains for the city. After defeating a gang of robbers, she meets with Julia and she learns that Vanessa has stolen artifacts and been selling them off for money. Diana, the team and Julia track Vanessa down to an old warehouse where she’s giving the items to Dr. Poison and Dr. Cyborg. Just before they can harm her, Diana and the team battle the villains. In the crossfire, after Diana has finished defeating the last villain, they all find Julia has been hit with a bullet and is dying. Julia’s last words are “Diana”, which angers Vanessa and she runs away.

Time passes and we see Steve and Diana at Julia’s grave. On a screen, Vanessa watches the two grieve at Julia’s grave and Vanessa cries. We then see that she’s with Dr. Poison, and Dr. Cyborg has agreed to get injected with a chemical that makes her a super-creature.

Flash forward and Diana is training when she hears that the team has found where Vanessa is: Qurac. They head there and just miss Dr. Poison and Dr. Cyborg, and learn that Vanessa is now a new super creature and calls herself the Silver Swan.

Diana and Steve fight and capture Vanessa and bring her to Veronica Kale. Veronica tells them that the chemical Vanessa was injected with will soon consume her body and take over- leaving Vanessa’s soul dead. But before they can get Vanessa help, they hear that Dr. Poison and Dr. Cyborg are planning to storm Diana’s home, Themyscira, which so happens to be the only place Vanessa can be saved.

After a plane ride where Etta and Steve comfort Diana, Diana faces off against Dr. Cybrog and Dr. Poison’s “secret weapon”… Medusa. Angry from a previous grudge, Medusa demolishes much of Themyscia’s defenses and walls. Diana fights Medusa and decides that the only way to fight Medusa is to blind herself and she makes one of Medusa’s snakes to inject venom onto her eyes. Vanessa sees Diana’s action and forgives her, and begins to fight against Medusa.

Diana is then able to fight off Medusa and the queen, Diana’s mother, hugs Diana and tells her that Diana is a true Amazon warrior.

All the people get cured by Themyscira’s purple healing ray and the queen decides to open up Themyscira to the world, and the movie ends.

I liked the plot of Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, but after watching the live action movie, I wish they had let Diana have an accent- being as she is from a foreign island. I would of loved to see more of Vanessa’s descent into bitterness, with more detailed scenes, but regardless the film was great.

Release Date: 5 October 2019

Starring: Jeffrey Donovan, Rosario Dawson, Cree Summer, Marie Avgeropoulos, Adrienne C. Moore

Director: Sam Liu

Distributor: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

GenreAnimated | Action | Fantasy


Runtime1hr 23min

IMDB Page: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8752498/

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