Wonder Woman: Bloodlines (MOVIE REVIEW) by Ciarra N.

Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 4.16.15 PMModeled after the 2017 live action Wonder Woman film, Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is an animated thriller that focuses on the importance of staying true to one’s self and showing compassion and forgiveness to those around you.

We are first introduced to pilot Steve Trevor, who is attacked by a Parademon, leaving him to sink to the bottom of the ocean. Before he parishes, he is saved by Diana Princess of Themyscira , and healed in their chambers. Due to the “no men” law, Diana’s mother, Queen Hippolyta, sentences him to prison. Diana breaks him free at her own expense and is exiled to the human world for betraying her own kind. Trevor takes her back and gives her refuge at the home of Dr. Julia Kapatelis and her daughter Vanessa. During her time here, Diana takes on the name Wonder Woman and fights crime throughout the city.

As years go by, Wonder Woman is approached by Dr. Kapatelis in regards to Vanessa’s safety. She was always a sad child who believed her mother took more interest in Wonder Woman than her own daughter. She has stolen a priceless artifact that she intends to sell to Dr. Poison in exchange for money. Wonder Woman, Trevor, and Kapatelis rush to Vanessa’s location and intervene in the trade. After a long standoff with Dr. Poison and her soldiers, the artifact is stolen and Dr. Kapatelis is killed during the crossfire. Vanessa blames Wonder Woman for the death of her mother, and joins forces with Dr. Poison to become the Silver Swan. The mission now is not only to defeat Dr. Poison, but to save Vanessa from fully taking form as the Silver Swan.

They discover that Dr. Poison is going to Themyscira with their new weapon to destroy the Amazons and fly there as soon as possible. To their shock, the new weapon is the Greek villain Medusa enhanced with new weapons and powers. Although she is the creation of Dr. Poison, she kills her and begins turning Amazons to stone. Vanessa is still fighting Wonder Woman, but must fight for her own life after being attacked by Medusa. Wonder Woman tries to save Vanessa and her people by trying to single handedly slay the monster. In order to keep herself from turning to stone, Wonder Woman blinds herself with the venom of Medusa’s snakes. Vanessa begins to fight alongside Wonder Woman after she realizes who the true enemy is, and together they kill Medusa and save Themyscira. Wonder Woman’s mother is so impressed with her daughter’s selfless behavior that she heals her and her team and allows her to return to the island as the rightful Princess of Themyscira.

In the beginning, I was not the biggest fan of this film. I did not like the animated version of Wonder Woman in comparison to Gal Gadot’s live action character seeing as they were modeled after one another, and that compared to other animated DC films, this was not strongest. I felt that the animated version had no substance, but I soon realized I was wrong. I was impressed with the overall storyline and character development that occurred as the movie went on and I was invested in the relationship that blossomed with Diana and Steve. Overall, it was a good film that became more interesting as the film progressed and it housed life lessons that audiences of all ages could take away.

Release Date: October 5, 2019

Cast: Rosario Dawson, Jeffrey Donovan, Marie Avgeropoulos, Adrienne C. Moore, Kimberly Brooks

Distributor: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

Director: Sam Liu

Genre: Action, Fantasy

Runtime: 1 hr 19 minutes

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