2019 || Halloween Time at Disneyland

1t-700x875It’s Halloween time at Disneyland and the Spooktacular festivities are enough to put anyone in the Halloween spirit (pun unintended). The pumpkin sculptures of the Mickey Mouse gang first greets you at the gate, followed by the reds, oranges, and browns of the decoration inside- complete with the giant Mickey Pumpkin of course! When I first walked into the park, I was immediately greeted with the tail end of the Mickey and Friends Band-Tastic Cavalcade, starting with the Mickey Mouse gang and ending with some of the best Disney villains: Gaston, Cruella De Vil, Doctor Facilier, and the Evil Queen. These infamous villains are out and about even more than usual in this time of year, and guests can thoroughly enjoy their shenanigans- such as the Evil Queen trying to convince Princess Elena to accept an apple from her. Only at Disneyland can you experience the magic- and hilarity- of these character interactions.

While the rides continue to be fun, thrilling, and iconic, the prized attraction to go on during Halloween time is the Haunted Mansion Holiday ride. During the season, the ride is transformed to display the Nightmare Before Christmas film, transporting guests into the world of Tim Burton’s Halloweentown. If guests are interested in an even more spooky experience, they can head on over to Disneyland’s California Adventure and hop on Guardians of the Galaxy: Monsters After Dark. This ride alters the usual Mission Breakout storyline to become an adventure where the monsters on display escape, sending guests on an even more thrilling experience, complete with loud screamo music.

California Adventure greets guests at the gate with a large Oogie Boogie Monster. The decorations inside are just as fun and spooky. Special mentions include Buena Vista Street and Cars Land.

In addition to the Halloween festivities is the celebration of Dia de los Muertos, mainly celebrated in Plaza de la Familia in California Adventure, or El Zocalo Park in Disneyland. Guests can join in on the traditional Mexican festivities with the enjoyment of mariachi music and Mexican cuisine.

While Disneyland’s Halloween time has the best tricks, the real showstoppers are the treats. I tried many of the options there, all beautifully decorated, all delicious. The Malificient Rice Krispie treat is shaped and frosted to display the iconic villain. The frosting was perhaps a little much for me, but if you have a big sweet tooth then this is a must-try. One of the newest treats, the Churro Toffee, tastes exactly like it sounds and definitely lives up to its hype. California Adventure’s Schmoozies place offers two limited time drinks: the Minnie Witch Shake and the Caramel Apple Smoothie. The Minnie Witch Shake is intricately decorated with purple whipped cream and Oreo mouse ears; however, the taste is a simple and delicious Mint Chocolate Chip flavor. The Caramel Apple Smoothie tastes just as sweet and tart as the Caramel Apple lollipop, and even comes with one.

Disney’s Halloween time is must-do this holiday season!

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