Camila Morrone

The San Diego International Film Festival recognizes and celebrates the passion visionary influence in cinema. Honorees include Laurence Fishburne with the Gregory Peck Award For Cinematic Excellence, Pitbull with the Music Icon Award, Jared Harris with the Cinema Vanguard Award, Lindsay Wagner for the Humanitarian Award and many others.

We got a chance to interview Camila Morrone, who is honored with the Rising Star Award. Within the interview, Camila talks about the incredible honor she’s received and some insights about the upcoming film, Mickey and the Bear. In which premieres in theatres on November 13th. Camila also shares that doing certain roles are important in storytelling. Check out more of the interview here! As well as our other interviews within this fantastic event!

Host: Machelle Noel here at the 2019 San Diego International Film Festival, joining me right now is Camila Morrone. Congratulations Girl for the Rising Star Award tonight!

Camila Morrone: Thank You!

Host: What does that mean to you knowing that you’re one of the top young actresses to watch this year?

Camila Morrone: Well… when it’s said like that, it feels extra crazy. But… yeah no pressure, just one of the top actors that’s being watched.

Host: No worries!

Camila Morrone: It doesn’t really feel like that, you know, I’m still like, in the auditioning world. Finding my way through; but, at least I have some recognition for this film. It’s-it’s really a small film that we did. Out of love and telling a good story. So the fact that it’s even being recognized in this way, it’s just… everything I wanted for the film and more.

Host: Yeah, the trailer is getting a lot of hits. Can you tell us a little bit about the movie?

Camila Morrone:Yes It’s, thank you! It’s a story about a 17-year-old girl and her father, who is a veteran. And um, a little about the opioid crisis. And… I’m not going to tell you too much but it’s about their relationship and their dynamic and… where that story goes.

Host: How do you hope your influence in the film industry will be perceived as?

Camila Morrone: Wow! I haven’t even thought that my uh influence, that there is an influence in the film industry. [From me].

Host: You have a million followers out there, people are watching I mean, you’re the girl to watch this year so…

Camila Morrone: I guess, I guess that does… when you say it like that, it does feel like everyone is watching me, when you say a million people. Um… my influence, well I don’t know… I’m going to continue doing the roles that I think are important in storytelling and that’s why actors do what actors do. So if I can do that then, I feel that’s honest to myself and truthful.

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