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inCollage_20191022_103643945The San Diego International Film Festival (SDIFF) is one of the biggest film festivals in California with screenings of movies, from shorts to feature lengths, for rising and independent filmmakers. During the Night of the Stars Tribute, we met up with Colin Egglesfield, who attended the film festival to present his new upcoming film 100 Days to Live. The movie also won “Best World Premiere” during the tribute ceremony.

The film is a thriller, and it deals mainly with mental health. Colin highlights the film’s first-time director and writer, Ravin Gandhi, who he says does an excellent job of dealing with this sensitive issue. Colin shares a tragic piece of information about the film, that his cousin committed suicide while they were filming this movie that in fact deals with the subject of suicide. Clearly a subject close to both their hearts, Colin talks about the importance of addressing this issue and we thank him for making this his platform to spread awareness.

Colin explains that 100 Days to Live is set up to be distributed worldwide, however, they are not entirely sure yet which platform it will be distributed to. Options include either Cable or On Demand. Colin also shares some advice he himself got from actor/filmmaker Mark Duplass, who, a few years ago shot an entire film on an iPhone. His advice was to not wait for a producer or agent to find you, but to go out and shoot your own film.

Colin appeared in various projects, including All My Children, The Client List, Rizzoli & Isles and Chicago Fire to name a few. He also co-starred with Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin in Something Borrowed and have worked with several of Hollywoods best including Sally Field, Gary Oldman, Andy Garcia and Sylvestor Stallone.

Currently, Colin continues to inspire people through life coaching and creative workshops, encouraging others to go with their instincts and unlock their true self. Colin recently wrote his first book called Agile Artist, Life Lessons from Hollywood and Beyond which he now regularly speaks about at conferences, corporate and charity events and seminars. Through his story of overcoming severe shyness and insecurity when he was younger to finally taking a chance of pursuing what truly resonated with him- trying to make career as a creative professional on some of the biggest stages in the world, Colin shares his unique and authentic experiences that inspire, make you laugh and sometimes cry. The incredibly powerful insights and strategies that Colin talks about on life perspective that he’s gained having carved out a successful career in the entertainment industry, living through the tragedy of 9/11 as well as being diagnosed with and beating cancer, not once, but twice all while maintaining his career in front of the camera can be applied immediately to start causing the real change we want to see in our lives. Colin is no stranger to adversity and as such, shares how what he learned from the life altering events that have shaped his life can benefit anyone else dealing with their own adversity in pursuit of fulfillment, good health, happiness and harnessing one’s dream life! | *Source:

Host: Hey Collin, thank you for being here tonight. So, what brings you out here to San Diego?

Colin Egglesfield: Well, I have a film premiere here tomorrow! It’s called 100 Days to Live, and it delves into the world of mental health, but it’s also a thriller. So, it’s grounded in the world of mental health, but it’s written and directed by a first time director friend of mine and he does a phenomenal job actually executing a topic that is a very sensitive subject to a lot of people. The most tragic part about this whole thing was while we were filming, the movie does touch on the subject of suicide, and my cousin actually committed suicide while we were filming this movie. So, in a lot of ways, mental health and suicide is that much more important to me.

Host: I’m really glad you are spreading that awareness about mental health, because we need more of that, especially from people in Hollywood and letting people know that it’s a common thing, everyone has it. So glad you are using that as your platform to talk about it.

Colin Egglesfield: Yeah, and there is such a stigma around it too. Not very many people want to talk about it. I had a colleague I was working with on Rizzoli and Isles that took his own life. You’d never know that he was suffering. He would always come to work, he was one of the nicest, best looking guy you could ever meet. You just don’t know. That’s why its so important to ask your friends and family members, whatever they’re going through, “Have you ever had thoughts of taking your own life?”

It’s a simple question, but I think it’s a necessary question. I don’t think people don’t think to ask until it’s too late

Host: I’m glad people are avoiding medication and looking at it as a generational issue and it’s  being passed down, and to just dive into it so much deeper. So I’m happy you are bringing up that awareness. Where can people find this movie or where can they find out about it?

Colin Egglesfield: We have worldwide distribution set up, so it will be seen, it’s just a matter of which platform it will be distributed on. We don’t know yet where that is, but it will either be cable or on demand. This movie will be seen, which is a good thing because unfortunately, a lot of independent films that get made and never see the light of day.

Host: Speaking of which, since we are at a film festival, do you have any advice for aspiring artists and filmmakers who want to get into this industry? What’s your take on that?

Colin Egglesfield: One of my favorite filmmaker actors, his name is Mark Duplass, he spoke at South by Southwest about 3 or 4 years ago. His advice was “Don’t wait for the cavalry.” He shot an entire movie on an iPhone. Get together with your friends on a weekend, shoot scenes, put scenes together, put them up on Youtube, make your own stuff. Don’t wait for an agent or producer or anyone to come find you, because they are not going to. Make your own stuff.

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