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inCollage_20191022_103741120San Diego Film Festival (SDIFF) is dedicated to creating a conversation of global impact through the art of film. Jared Harris is the 2019 receiver of the San Diego Film Festival – ‘Cinema Vanguard Award‘. Jared is famously known for his roles in shows such as The Crown and Carnival Row. We were excited to ask Jared some burning questions related to his passion for film and career. When questioned about his newly acquired achievement, Harris said that it definitely “feels good.” He disclosed that not only does he hope that he made a positive impact on the film industry, but also that he enjoys the gradual “return to very personal stories,” especially on television because they remind him of “movies that were made in the seventies.” He also offered advice to young filmmakers and aspiring actors: they need “thick skin” to deal with the criticism and hatred that may come from the media, self-confidence, perseverance, and to generate their own art portfolio for the sake of experience.

Fans can watch Jared Harris in his new show, Carnival Row. He stars alongside Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne in this fantasy series that revolves around the discovery of a “new continent that contains magical creatures.” However, disaster looms upon this mystical land when the human world discovers it and decides that they want to take advantage of its resources. Left with no choice, the magical creatures are forced to move into human territory, and consequently, social tensions rise between both groups. The first show of this season is streaming on Amazon Prime, and fans can expect for the second season to be released soon!

Host:  Machelle Noel here at the 2019 San Diego International Film festival and joining me right now is Mr. Jarred Harris. Hey Mr. Jarred

Jarred Harris: Hi

Host: Congratulations on your honorary award tonight!

Jarred Harris:Thank you ver much.

Host: How does it feel to be the receiver of the Cinematic Vanguard Award?

Jarred Harris:If feels good.

Host:  It feels really good I bet. How do you hope your influence in the film has been perceived as?

Jarred Harris: Well positively I would hope.

Host:  For sure.

Jarred Harris:It is sort of relentlessly changing all the time.

Host: Oh yeah.

Jarred Harris:What I am enjoying about this current state of affairs is there is sort of a return to very personal stories similar to the movies that were made in the seventies and its happening on television now on either short form or long form tv

Host:  Given the fact that we are at a film festival and throughout your career, what lesson have you learned in your career path that you could advise other aspiring artists or filmmakers to take on who want to get into this entertainment industry?

Jarred Harris:Thats a tough question. I mean first of all you have to have thick skin because these’s a lot of disappointment, there’s a lot of rejection.

Host: Yeah

Jarred Harris: You’ve got to believe in yourself, don’t give up and also it helps if you are able to generate projects of your own-

Host: For sure.

Jarred Harris: And pitch and come up with ideas of your own.

Host:  I know content creation seems to be like the theme lately.

Jarred Harris:It’s so different now because there’s so many outlets for it.

Host: Oh yeah.

Jarred Harris: Whereas it was a lot different earlier on.

Host: And you think it is probably a lot easier when people do it themselves-

Jarred Harris:Sure.

Host: and then watch yourself grow of course thats awesome. And what other projects can we expect to see from you. I love you on Carnival Row, oh my gosh. Can you tell your viewers what that show is about?

Jarred Harris: Carnival Row is a fantasy series set in an earth-like world but its not earth where there is a new continent discovered that contains magical creatures. The human like part of the world is conducting a proxy war on this new continent to get control of all the resources and the magical creatures are all fleeing that world-

Host: Wow.

Jarred Harris: And coming over to the human world

Host: And you’ve got a good cast. You’ve got Orlando Bloom I mean this show is going to be great and I cant wait to talk to you about that at your next press junket. So Mr. Jarred Harris than you so much for being here

Jarred Harris:Your welcome.

Host: Congratulations.

Jarred Harris:Thank you.

Host: I’m Machelle Noel here with Jarred Harris at the San Diego International Film Festival and we’ll see you next time.

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