Spies in Disguise (Movie Review) by Stephanie R.

Spies in Disguise Movie PosterYou can’t save the world with a hug, but what if you could?

Spies in Disguise is an animated spy comedy that follows the world’s greatest spy, Lance Sterling,  and scientist, Walter Beckett. Both, being complete opposites, but are forced to team up together when Lance is turned into a pigeon and the world is in danger from a revenge-seeking cybernetic terrorist.

In the film, we’re first introduced to a young Walter Beckett, who is a kid who is super smart and loves to invent things. We learn that he’s outcasted at school because kids find him weird, but that doesn’t stop his mother from encouraging him and telling him that the world needs weird and one day his inventions will be used. Then the film cuts to 14 years later, where we meet our second lead character, Lance Sterling, whose in the middle of a dangerous mission but his cocky lines and his stubborn behavior when he refuses to wait for backup, show us that we’re dealing with a man who prefers to do everything on his own and takes pride in that. When he’s fighting off his enemy, he comes across a gadget he doesn’t expect, one that spits out glitter and shows kittens instead of exploding. After his mission is done and over with, he can’t help but go have a chat with the inventor of the gadget, it being Walter. Of course, he’s just as nerdy as he was when he was little, except now he has the resources and job to make the inventions he’s always dreamed about. He still feels unnoticed though. Tom Holland voices Walter and I have to admit, he was the perfect choice, considering the character definitely gives off Peter Parker vibes. What can I say? Holland plays off awkward well, even if he’s just using his voice!

Walter tries to talk Lance into another less violent approach when he goes on his spy missions, but Lance isn’t having it and he scolds the other for being weird. Walter doesn’t let that stop him though, still trying to get the world’s biggest spy to hear him out on the invention he is currently working on, it having the potential to make people disappear. Lance doesn’t listen to him and fires Walter. It isn’t until Lance needs to disappear and has no other place to turn when he’s been framed and is now a wanted man, that he runs to Walter for help. Unfortunately, Walter’s invention is still in testing mode without an antidote, so when Lance accidentally drinks the testing formula mixed with a pigeon feather prematurely,  he turns into a pigeon. Due to not having an antidote yet and Lance being a pigeon now, the unlikely pair are forced to team up  and solve the issue at hand. Who is framing Lance and why? All while Lance is on the run.

We’re taken on a comedic action-packed adventure as we follow these two characters who are complete opposites interact and actually help one another out. Lance has to adjust to living and doing things in his new form, therefore needs Walter in order to accomplish certain things. They’re also waiting for Walter’s antidote to finish brewing. Watching the two characters dynamic throughout the film is fun and heartwarming, especially because you see Lance learn to not be so selfish, while Walter is embracing his weird and showing Lance that he doesn’t have to use violence to get a job done. When Lance is finally turned back into a human and let’s Walter take the lead for once, he uses his odd gadgets, which have names like “50 Shades of Yay” and “Inflatable Hug”. Their odd gadgets, sure, but they do still help them get their bad guy and without getting anyone killed. The film was enjoyable and is a pretty good showcase of what you can do when you bring people together in unity. The friendship the lead characters develop throughout the film is inspiring and they were very fun to watch be divided at first meeting then coming together and becoming a unit. I highly recommend this film and it’s definitely a good one to watch with the kids and I loved the idea of embracing ones weirdness.

Release DateDecember 25, 2019

Starring: Will Smith, Tom Holland

Director: Troy Quane, Nick Bruno

Distributor:  20th Century Fox

GenreAnimation | Adventure | Comedy

Rating: PG

Runtime1h 42min

Official Website: https://family.20thcenturystudios.com/movies/spies-in-disguise

Social Media:

IMDB Page: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5814534/

Wiki Linkhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spies_in_Disguise

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