Onward (Movie Review) by Jacqueline N.

unnamed-2Pixar’s newest creation, Onward, is set to open in theaters on March 6, 2020. Directed by Dan Scanlon, Onward is a new original animated movie set in an urban fantasy world where there are elves, gnomes and dragons along with many other creatures inhabiting the land. The film follows two elf brothers, Ian Lightfoot (Tom Holland) and Barley Lightfoot (Chris Pratt) as they embark on an adventurous quest, rediscover magic and try to visit their father with the help of a spell and a magic gem. It is on this quest that both Ian and Barley’s bravery and trust are tested, but through the challenges, they gain more confidence, courage and strengthen their family bonds. The unique storyline filled with magic, adventure, great characters and elements that audiences can relate to make this an enjoyable movie.

Ian’s 16th birthday starts like any other school morning. He wakes up and is greeted in the kitchen by his mother Laurel Lightfoot (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and brother Barley. Everything seems like a typical morning for a 16 year old today other than the fact that he is an elf, his pet is a dragon, and his house is a giant mushroom. It fun and entertaining to see how Pixar depicts everyday things form our world in a unique way in the movie’s fantasy world setting.

After school, something strange and life changing happens. Ian receives a mysterious gift from his father who passed away before he was born. Ian and Barley soon find out that their father was a wizard, magic exists, and the gift is a magical staff and spell that can bring him back to life for one day. After the spell goes awry and Ian is able to successfully bring only half of his father back, the brothers embark on a grand adventurous quest to find The Pheonix Gem, rediscover magic and see their father one more time. The storyline is one that is unique and audiences will appreciate the adventure, magic, and mystery.

Family and what you will do for those you love is a main focus in this film. The relationship between the brothers is something that can be relatable for many. Throughout the film Ian and Barley don’t always agree on everything, but it is when they trust, encourage each other and work together that they are a great team that can conquer any of the challenges they face on the quest. At the end of the film there is a nice scene in which Ian tell his brother Barley that although he grew up without a father, he always had Barley supporting him and encouraging him to be the best version of himself which he is so thankful for. Their mother also shows strength and what she will do for her children as she goes as far as battling an evil cursed dragon all by herself in one scene in order to protect her sons.

I thought the voice actors all gave really great performances in this film. Tom Holland and Chris Pratt’s voice performances were very true to their characters and showed lots of emotion and talent. The animation was also really engaging with lots of creativity and impressive details.

Overall, Onward is a fun movie with a unique storyline filled with magic, mystery, adventure, humor, and great characters that will have you rooting for their success from the very start. The film also has many heartfelt moments and messages such as having faith in oneself and the bravery and courage in you as well as the importance of family and being there to support and encourage the ones you love.

Release Date: March 6th, 2020

Starring: Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Octavia Spencer

Director: Dan Scanlon

Distributor: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Genre: Adventure Animated Comedy Family

Audience: All ages

Rating: PG

Runtime: 1 he 52 minutes

Official Website: https://movies.disney.com/onward

Official Social Media Pages:

IMDB: @PixarOnward

Wiki: @PixarOnward


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