Superman: Red Son (MOVIE REVIEW) by Kevin C.

Picture1Superman: Red Son is a Warner Brothers animated film directed by Sam Liu, adapted from a comic run of the same name by Mark Millar. The story follows Superman’s crashed ship landing him on a farm in the Soviet Union, instead of on the Kent’s farm in Kansas. Instead of standing for “truth, justice and the American way”, Superman is used for Soviet Propaganda by Joseph Stalin. Upon a propaganda film being released, U.S. President Eisenhower tasks Lex Luthor with finding a way to stop the “Soviet Superman”. Superman saves Metropolis from a falling satellite and encounters Lois Lane, who gives him information. This results in Superman finding poor people kept hidden and starving in the Soviet Union. Superman becomes angry at being lied to and kills Stalin, assuming leadership of the Soviet Union. Luthor tries everything he can to stop Superman, including creating a clone, but he has no success. Luthor becomes president of the United States and starts to take control away from the Soviet Union. The movie culminates with Superman being forced to choose whether to do what he has been taught is right or what he believes is right.

Superman: Red Son is beautifully animated, like most Warner Brothers animation, and the story is very compelling and intriguing. Unfortunately, that’s about where the positives end in this movie. The plot is jumbled and there isn’t a lot of time that we are able to sit with the characters and really learn about their perspectives. The story spans the course of three or four decades over the course of eighty minutes and none of the time frames feel distinct from one another. The idea of Superman landing in the Soviet Union and being used for propaganda is a super interesting idea, but it isn’t executed or fleshed out very well. Batman, Wonder Woman, the Green Lantern and Brainiac all make appearances and it is interesting to see how their characters differ in this universe at all, but again, there isn’t enough time to develop these characters and really learn about them. The movie seems to rely on audiences having a base knowledge of the DC Universe. As jumbled as it is, I couldn’t imagine what I would be thinking if I didn’t already have a strong background knowledge of these DC characters. Overall, the story is a conceptually cool idea that is not translated well to just eighty minutes. If it must be adapted from its comic form, Superman: Red Son would better be served as a limited television series that gives the story and characters room to breathe.

Release Date: February 25, 2020

Starring: Jason Isaacs, Roger Craig Smith, Diedrich Bader

Director: Sam Liu

Distributor: Warner Brothers Home Entertainment

Genre: Superhero, Action/Adventure

Audience: Teens and up

Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 84 minutes

IMDB Website:

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