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16195365_10210126904061463_2528511742171603780_nMachelle Noel| Founder, Managing Editor & Host
B.A | Digital Media Production | SDSU
Machelle is known for making waves on-air, on-camera and online! She is a professional geek and loves to dabble in all things geek! With the “personality of a Girl Scout and a self-proclaimed Power Ranger”, she is a walking encyclopedia of 80s movie knowledge and has no shame binge-watching movie after movie for the ‘crying moments’ every single time. Follow her adventures as ‘Lois Lane’ via Instagram @MachelleNoelTV.

2019 |  Writing Contributors & Marketing Team

copy-of-img_7651.jpgArleen Jia Rasing
UC San Diego
153e3a9d-a90e-480d-94fb-9275c1028d8e.jpgAutumn Saldana CSU – San Marcos

fullsizeoutput_3eCaroline Buendia

Copy of 20180606_144526 (1)Daniel Barrios
Cali Baptist Univ

28951324_1362512817227333_1317974580082196765_n.jpgDanielle Bawit
CSU – San Marcos

eddie_face2_500.jpgEddies Burkhalter

IMG_0917Krista Buligon 
SD Christian Col
keelyKeely S.W
Univ of Pittsburgh

Copy of fullsizeoutput_6adJacqueline Nofal
UC San Diego

11058095_1639013723043784_8165693148379435436_nJake Hardison 
Palomar College

copy-of-img_0907.jpgHaylee McDonnell UCLA

copy-of-57840026_285894412343034_1783827538687033344_n-1-e1566159520393.jpgMaria Batres
UC San Diego

copy-of-img_3528.cr2_.jpgMatthew Bui

received_1961262657234410Michael Foster
CSU – Los Angeles

Screenshot_2015-07-04-09-55-40-1-1Preston Fusci 
twinkleTwinkle Gupta UCLA

copy-of-7595c07a-cb3b-43a2-962b-247eb6ea04a2.jpgVivian Rodriguez
Cali Baptist Univ



copy-of-img_7651.jpgArleen Jia Rasing | Writing Contributor
B.A | Communications | UC San Diego
If it wasn’t for her early exposure to Disney movies and the Percy Jackson series, Arleen Jia would fail to discover her love for fictitious stories. Ultimately, this love for these stories led her straight into the GeekRockTV program, where she is free to express herself about her favorite films and books. Arleen is currently an undergraduate student at the University of California – San Diego; she is pursuing her B.A. in Communications. Inspired by her passion for social activism and love for writing, she hopes to become a journalist in order to give representation to the marginalized voices of American society. When she isn’t stressing out about completing her assignments on time or helping her family, you can spot her catching up on the latest developments within the Marvel Cinematic Universe or daydreaming. Through GeekRockTV, Arleen hopes to not only share her love for pop culture, but also gain new friends and experiences along the way. Instagram: @aariarasinggView My Articles 

153e3a9d-a90e-480d-94fb-9275c1028d8e.jpgAutumn Skye Destarac-Saldana | Writing Contributor
B.A. | Communications | Cal State Univ – San Marcos
Autumn is a fun loving girl who is currently working on a Communications BA and Women Studies minor at CSU – San Marcos. She loves singing, traveling and watching movies. She loves all things Disney and Marvel. She aspires to be an advocate for undocumented immigrants and hopes to create a more positive narrative for the Latinx community in her years to come. Autumn loves writing and hopes to share her thoughts with the world someday. Instagram @OhDearAutumnView My Articles 

fullsizeoutput_3eCaroline Buendia | Writing Contributor & Film Producer
B.A. | TV, Film & Media | Cal State Univ – Los Angeles
Caroline is a senior at CSU-Los Angeles. Next up, she’ll be chasing her Masters. She’s a passionate storyteller, writing and directing are her tools to do it. You can find her stamp in anything she does as carolbcreates. She writes as much as she reads, meanwhile pursuing her goal to have her works on TV, Film, and published. She loves adventures and her stories always take her there. As a proud Latina, Caroline is ready to take on any challenges that may come her way. If it’s easy it’s boring. And she doesn’t do boring. | Instagram @CarolineBuendiaView My Articles 

Copy of 20180606_144526 (1)Daniel Barrios | Writing Contributor
B.A | Film Production | California Baptist University

Hello, my name is Daniel Barrios and I am a film student with an interest in photography and philosophy. I spend most of my free time working on as many short films as I can so that I can stay active within my career of choice and be experienced enough to make decent short films of my own. My main goal as a filmmaker is to create something meaningful and unflinchingly honest that will help others feel understood. I aspire to create a conversation about pressing topics that are overlooked by society, like the way women, undocumented immigrants & minorities are treated. Mainly, I would like to be the person I needed when I was younger for others. I am open-minded and love being informed about issues that currently affect my generation and below. I love watching arthouse films, reading poetry, and listening to music at the end of my day. When I’m not in class, you can probably find me at a thrift store looking for vhs tapes or with my friends eating Taco Bell late at night. | View My Articles 

28951324_1362512817227333_1317974580082196765_n.jpgDanielle Bawit | Writing Contributor
B.A. | Media Studies | Cal State Univ – San Marcos
Hello! My name is Danielle Bawit. I attended MSJC- Mt. San Jacinto’s Community College and received two Associate’s for Communication and Liberal Arts. I am currently in my last semester at CSUSM-California State University San Marcos, and I will be receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies. I grew up with watching DC heroes on the screen, wrestling with my family, Disney movies and listening to Kpop. I have been always involved with my education by joining choir’s and becoming part of MSJC’s communications club as a Historian. I have promoted events for the club at my previous school, and I have promoted and volunteered for Khip-hop concerts. I aspire to one day work in the entertainment world while promoting artists and music. Additionally, I also hope to share written stories to people in my career due to my love for writing.| Instagram @Charice_DanielleView My Articles 

eddie_face2_500.jpgEddieson Burkhalter | Writing Contributor
B.A | Japanese | San Diego State Univ.
My name is Eddieson. I’m an open minded dreamer that likes to look for new opportunities, experiences, and challenges in life to make things a bit more interesting. After graduating from San Diego State University with a Japanese degree and minor in Business,  I landed an office job in Shinjuku, Japan where I dealt with online marketing matters as well as content creation. Though I come from an international business background I could never escape the alluring call of an emotionally manipulating story, regardless of the medium, that could turn the toughest body builder into a two year old child watching The Muppets and eating “pig newtons”. So long as the story is well done it doesn’t matter to me whether it’s presented as a comic, video game, anime, book, movie, or even an interpretive dance with bananas and jello. After some intense independent study I have not only been more than inspired to join the industry, but brought to a point where I wonder why I gave up pursuing this stuff in college and turned to a course of pulling my hair out before each exam. Regardless, I love stories and hope to be presented with the opportunity to tell my own; most likely through writing. With a fire in my heart and goals set I am actively gaining skills each day to hopefully one day help others in their endeavors as well as achieve my own dreams. | Instagram @BlaEddieBlaView My Articles 

IMG_0917Krista Buligon | Marketing Intern
B.A. | Communications | San Diego Christian College
Hi! My name is Krista Buligon and I am a Senior at San Diego Christian College. I am a student athlete majoring in Communication with an emphasis in the Film and Media. I have always had a strong interest in all types of movies because they take me to another world. But my favorite places to go to are New York with a crazy spider kid saving the day, Gotham with a vigilante dressed as a bat fighting a penguin or joker, the wizarding world of Hogwarts with a kid with a scar on his head fighting “He Who Shall Be Named”, or a galaxy far far away with jedi knights battling sith lords with colorful lightsabers. My friends always laugh and call me a super nerd for loving any forms of science fiction but those movies shape me into who I am today. When I am not on the basketball court or working at In N Out Burger I am either on my couch watching movies or writing for fun. I hope that after I graduate I can turn my writing hobby into a career and impact others the way movies have always impacted me. Instagram: @Princess_Krista11 | View My Projects 

keelyKeely Smith-WallaceWriting Contributor
B.A | Communications | University of Pittsburgh
Keely Smith-Wallace loves to write, is an avid adventurer and adores compelling stories.  After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a Degree in Communications she landed a job with British Airways and traveled the world.  People, places, movies, music, theatre and travel perpetuates her passion to seek out stimulating stories in the world of entertainment and interesting lifestyles.   Look for her insightful reviews to find out what’s new, what’s hot and where you may like to trot – for an awesome experience! Instagram: @ScribeKeelySW | View My Articles 

Copy of fullsizeoutput_6adJacqueline Nofal | Writing Contributor
B.A | Communicatons | UC San Diego
Jacqueline is fourth year student at UC San Diego and will receive a BA in Communications and minor in music this June. She has always loved writing, telling stories and making people laugh. She is continuously captivated by a story’s ability to inspire, entertain or bring hope to people. She loves reading, watching movies and definitely anything Disney! She also has a love for music. She has been singing most of her life and is currently singing in the La Jolla Symphony Chorus. In her other free time you can find her traveling, volunteering, listening to music, going to the beach and just enjoying the San Diego sunshine! Instagram @jackie.nofal View My Articles

11058095_1639013723043784_8165693148379435436_nJake HardisonWriting Contributor
A.A | Digital Broadcast Arts | Palomar College
Jake is a second year student at Palomar College pursuing transfer to a university to study TV, Film, and New Media. At Palomar’s radio station, KKSM AM 1320, Jake hosts a weekly movie and entertainment news show called Morning Wood on Mondays from 6-9 am. Jake is an avid fan of pop culture and all things fandom, and has been especially passionate about film and music his entire life. Engaging in skills such as filmmaking, singing, acting, broadcast, voiceover, and writing, his interests are diverse, yet revolve around enthusiasm for the art of storytelling. Jake currently hopes to pursue a career in entertainment reporting and eventually break into other forms of media. Instagram: @JakeHardison_17 | View My Project

copy-of-img_0907.jpgHaylee McDonnell | Writing Contributor
B.A | Communications Studies | UCLA
Haylee is an aspiring television writer and concert junkie. Originally from Bakersfield, California, she now lives in West Los Angeles and attends UCLA. Haylee can’t wait to graduate and take the city by storm. Her biggest passion in life is entertainment. She says she finds few things more beautiful than the cathartic release that a film can provide or the feeling of euphoria that comes with hearing an artist live for the first time. She ultimately hopes to write immersive stories for the screen that will allow people forget all their worldly woes (at least for an hour or two). Haylee has interned with Live Nation Entertainment and currently works in Program & Event Management at UCLA. She also works independently as a writer, on student short films, and as a media officer for the Music Industry Committee. In her spare time, if she has any, she loves going to concerts, volunteering, and checking out the best spots for ice cream in LA. Her current favorite show is Jane the Virgin and her favorite artist is Shawn Mendes. She is excited to contribute to GeekRockTV’s growth and to do one of the things she loves most- write! Instagram @hayleemcdonnell | View My Articles 

copy-of-57840026_285894412343034_1783827538687033344_n-1-e1566159520393.jpgMaria Batres | Writing Contributor
B.A | Communications | UC San Diego

My name is Maria Batres, an on going Sophomore at the University of California San Diego with a major in Communications and a minor in Literature/Writing. I was born and raised in SouthEast San Diego, so as someone who comes from the ‘ghetto’, or the ‘hood’, being able to attend UC San Diego is a great achievement that has opened up a lot of opportunities for me, for example having the ability to land an internship with GeekRockTV. Instagram @chapis_batres | View My Articles 

copy-of-img_3528.cr2_.jpgMatthew Bui | Writing Contributor
B.A. | History | UCLA
My name’s Matthew, but you can call me Matt! I was born in the East Coast but raised in the West Coast. I’m a 3rd year transfer at UCLA majoring in History and minoring in Entrepreneurship. As an avid reader, I love trivia and watching Jeopardy!, and I usually kill time by watching late night shows and anything involving comedy. Because I’m also outdoorsy and adventurous, I plan to go hiking, skating, and swimming more this summer! Fun Fact: I live 5 minutes away from Roland back in Torrance and we’re currently roommates here at UCLA! Instagram @mattbuiii | View My Articles 

received_1961262657234410Michael Foster| Writing Contributor
B.A | TV, Film & Media Studies | CSU – Los Angeles

Receiving my Bachelor’s in Film, Media, & Television, I have been writing freelance articles for a start-up company located in Los Angeles. As an aspiring writer and love of narrative media, I find the hero’s journey as a reflection of the best and most ideal of human ambition. A lover of Disney alongside various video-games from Super Mario Bros. to Resident Evil, I keep both my mind and body busy with running and reading. | Instagram @ThenNerdMichael | View My Articles

MScreenshot_2015-07-04-09-55-40-1-1Preston Fusci | Writing Contributor
B.A. | Communications | UCLA
Preston is currently a fourth year Communications major with a minor in Theater at UCLA. He has a wide variety of interests within the entertainment industry when it comes to movies, television, animation, video games, literature, and theater productions that give him a unique perspective on storytelling. When he isn’t writing, you can find Preston most likely deep in the rehearsal process for a new show he is in and dealing with the stereotypical college kid struggles. Follow his Instagram if you want occasional monthly updates on his rise to power. Instagram: @Preston_Fusci | View My Articles


Twinkle Gupta | Social Media & Marketing Intern
B.A. | Communications | UCLA
Hi! In case you are wondering, yes Twinkle is my real name. I am a fourth-year communications student at the UCLA. I enjoy reading personal development books, entrepreneurship, and writing. My interests are makeup, digital media, tennis, and exploring LA/OC! You can often catch me at the SoCal beaches soaking in the sun. A quote I live by is “Success is something you attract by the person you become”. I am often known for my bubbly and cheery personality and the girl who always has a smile on her face. Indian and Italian food is my kryptonite (esp if there is pasta or chicken tikka masala). Instagram: @TwinklexGupta | View My Projects 

copy-of-7595c07a-cb3b-43a2-962b-247eb6ea04a2.jpgVivian Rodriguez | Writing Contributor
B.A | Film Studies | California Baptist University

Hi! My name is Vivian and I am a Film Production major at California Baptist University. I hope to become a director and cinematographer in the future. I enjoy all kinds of movies, from Disney musicals to epic Marvel films to sappy Rom Coms. When I’m not making movies, watching movies, or talking about movies, I spend my days at Disneyland, the beach, or the local froyo shop. I strive to find positivity and creativity everywhere I go! My motto in life is from the book of Romans 12:21, “do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good”. Instagram @vivianrcdriguez | View My Projects 

33.jpgMachelle Noel M.Ed| Founder, Managing Editor & Host
B.S | Business: Marketing
M.A | Journalism: Digital Media Arts| SDSU

Cowabunga Dudes! I’m Machelle Noel reporting to you as April O’Neil. Much more than just a cartoon tv series, comic book, movie and action figure junkie, it’s now apparent that my presence as your April O’Neil is much more needed at these organized comic convention events and at the moment, guilty-pleasure is good. But perhaps the most exciting adventure is geeking out with other ‘awesome’ celebrities who are also ‘excellent’ TMNT fanatics as well. April O’Neill, @GeekRockTV (that’s my Youtube Channel) Shell-Shocked News. Hahaa- I made another funny! — Since the 30th Anniversary special, it has been my pleasure as your April O’Neil to bring all of the Comic-Con experiences to your homes as well. Here’s to many more years of ‘Turtle Power, Go Ninja Gos, and Booyakasha’s to come. So grab a slice of pizza and enjoy the site! |  (About Me) (My Articles)| | Instagram @MachelleNoelTV | View My Articles

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