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16195365_10210126904061463_2528511742171603780_nMachelle Noel | Founder, Managing Editor & Host
B.A | Digital Media Production | SDSU
Machelle is known for making waves on-air, on-camera and online! She is a professional geek and loves to dabble in all things geek! With the “personality of a Girl Scout and a self-proclaimed Power Ranger”, she is a walking encyclopedia of 80s movie knowledge and has no shame binge-watching movie after movie for the ‘crying moments’ every single time. Follow her adventures as ‘Lois Lane’ via Instagram @MachelleNoelTV.

2020 |  Writing Contributors & Marketing Team

Alex profile picAlex Behunin
CSU – Northridge
28951324_1362512817227333_1317974580082196765_n.jpgDanielle Bawit
CSU – San Marcos

ciarraCiarra Marzella
University of SF

Dylan Lazaga_profile picDylan Lazaga
CSU – East Bay

Bio- Emily AndersonEmily Anderson
UC Irvine

Bio Photo I Ernesto Camacho IVJoseph Mason

keelyKeely S.W
Palomar College

Kevin photoKevin Coffee 
CSU – East Bay

Copy of fullsizeoutput_6adJacqueline Nofal
UC San Diego

IMG_9941Joanna Prabhu
Bio Pic_Lillian
Lillian Benwell
Univ of San Diego

Stephanie RosasStephanie Rosas

Alex profile picAlex Behunin | Writing Contributor
B.A | Journalism |Cal State Univ – Northridge
Alex is a consumer of all media. He is working on his B.A in Journalism at Cal State Northridge. Alex got into journalism because he loves to write, report, and to tell stories. If Alex isn’t watching a movie or binging a television show, then he is watching MMA fights to which is has a passion as well. Alex hopes to break into the entertainment world by reporting on news and telling stories of the people who are already in the sphere. His favorite show currently is “What We Do In The Shadows” and his favorite movie of all time is “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. Instagram: @alexplainlater0 || View My Articles 

28951324_1362512817227333_1317974580082196765_n.jpgDanielle Bawit | Writing Contributor + Marketing
B.A. | Media Studies | Cal State Univ – San Marcos
Hello! My name is Danielle Bawit. I attended MSJC- Mt. San Jacinto’s Community College and received two Associate’s for Communication and Liberal Arts. I also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies from CSUSM. I enjoy writing, being creative, and working in groups as a team player. From my education history, I have experience working in groups that include: class projects, choir’s, being a club officer, and interning to serve other students on campus. I enjoy Music, Films, and TV. I grew up falling in love with DC heroes by watching their animated shows and films. I’m also a huge fan of Kpop and Disney.  Movies and shows are fun to enjoy and analyze, in which I have done in media classes. GeekRockTV is a good opportunity to exercise writing, analyzing and putting perspectives on written reviews. Working with GeekRockTV greatly helped me to improve my writing skills, while analyzing the things I love in Pop Culture. I enjoy the same things I love in Pop Culture today. I continue to look for opportunities to not only creatively work, but to also assist others. I love helping people and collaborative work. For more information about me, feel free to take a look at my (website). | Instagram @Charice_DanielleView My Articles 

ciarraCiarra Nean-Marzella Writing Contributor 
B.A丨Communication & PR丨University of SF
Ciarra Nean-Marzella is a Writing Contributor and Social Media Intern for She is a senior Communications Studies major and Public Relations minor at the University of San Francisco who has a love for all things sports, music, and entertainment. She has spent most of her academic career conducting communications research, compiling public relations reports, and sampling all the Chinese restaurants in San Francisco. In the future she wants to work in music and entertainment as a public relations specialist at Live Nation Entertainment or Warner Music Group. She is never afraid to think outside the box and expand her horizons in all aspects of life. Be sure to check her out of LinkedIn @ciarra-nean-marzella and Instagram: @cnmphotographs||  View My Articles 

Dylan Lazaga_profile picDylan Lazaga | Writing Contributor
B.A | Comm & Journalism | Cal State Univ – East Bay
Although he loves lasagna, don’t get it confused with Dylan Lazaga. Dylan is a recent graduate from CSU – East Bay, with a Communication BA in Multimedia Journalism; having also earned an AA and ADT in Communication Studies at Ohlone College. Dylan is mainly passionate about professional wrestling and video games but is also interested in cartoons and sports. All of these interests led him to his current career path of a multimedia journalist. Prior to graduating, Dylan wrote numerous articles for his college newspaper as a Staff Writer. He also currently works for nonprofit organization, Project Censored, as a Creative Director for their podcast, “Along the Line.” When not writing on an article or searching for news, you can often catch Dylan watching YouTube videos, or even creating some himself. Being a recent communications and journalism graduate, he hopes to share his thoughts on the world of professional wrestling and gaming to the internet and the world. Instagram: @dylanlasagna || View My Articles 

Bio- Emily AndersonEmily Anderson | Writing Contributor
B.A | English | UC Irvine
Emily Anderson has been obsessed with writing since elementary school, when she produced dozens of handwritten children’s stories on notebook paper. She is now a junior majoring in English and minoring in Literary Journalism at UC Irvine. Her many, many passions include travel, languages, classic literature, Marvel movies, Broadway, fashion, and homemade bread. She is grateful that the GeekRockTV program provides her a creative outlet to express these passions in writing.  She looks forward to establishing a future career in journalism or publishing and hopes to use her writing to share the beautiful and fun things in the world. Instagram: @em_nicole55 || View My Articles 

Bio Photo I Ernesto Camacho IVJoseph Mason | Writing Contributor 
B.A. | TV, Film, & Media | Cal State Univ – Los Angeles The human being formally known as Ernesto Camacho IV is a student from California State University Los Angeles with love for the simple things in life: 90s pop culture fandoms, character/world-building, and pondering the intricacies of the galaxy. During the start of his academic tenure before transferring, Joseph wrote and hosted for the campus news program developing and crafting concise news/event scripts as quickly as humanly possible in various formats and mediums. During his off time, Joseph produced and co-hosted podcasts focusing on a variety of topics, from entertainment industry news to video games and even nature of fandoms themselves. When he is not pouring endless hours into the latest video game, he is writing or planning his next writing project. Passionate, collaborative, and somewhat eccentric, Joseph Mason dreams of being part of the entertainment industry in a creative capacity, be it through editing, writing, or physical productions, in the meantime, he strives to be the best human he can be. Instagram: @xenpixel || View My Articles 

keelyKeely Smith-WallaceWriting Contributor
B.A | Communications | University of Pittsburgh
Keely Smith-Wallace loves to write, is an avid adventurer and adores compelling stories.  After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a Degree in Communications she landed a job with British Airways and traveled the world.  People, places, movies, music, theatre and travel perpetuates her passion to seek out stimulating stories in the world of entertainment and interesting lifestyles.   Look for her insightful reviews to find out what’s new, what’s hot and where you may like to trot – for an awesome experience! Instagram: @ScribeKeelySW | View My Articles 

Kevin photoKevin Coffee | Writing Contributor
B.A | Communications | Cal State Univ – East Bay
Kevin Coffee is a graduate of California State University, East Bay with a B.A. in Communication and Media Studies. He has a strong passion for storytelling and loves to watch movies/TV shows and read books. He hopes to work in the entertainment industry to help create the kinds of stories that have inspired and influenced him. He is enthusiastic, energetic and loves to be on camera. He also loves writing and hopes to do some creative writing in the future. He enjoys spending time with friends and family and talking about all things pop culture. He loves going to Disneyland and has a potentially unhealthy obsession with Star Wars. Instagram: @kevincoffeejr|| View My Articles 

Bio - Kira ProctorKira Proctor | Writing Contributor
B.A. | Communications | UCLA
Kira, named after the fairy from The Dark Crystal, is a second-year transfer at UCLA graduating with a B.A. in Communication. Like her namesake, she grew up with her mind in a fantasy world. Indulging in whimsical films (preferably animated), television, novels and music that transports oneself, she is passionate about the entertainment industry creating imaginary spaces for all to visit that let everyday stressors melt away. With a particular interest in storytelling and live performances, she has interned for companies such as TEDx, Girlie Action Media, and ran her own segment on UCLA Radio providing reviews of salient albums or live events. With experience in global relations, Kira has studied the entertainment industry in both the U.S. and South Korea. This gave her unique experiences as to how storytelling can manifest itself visually or auditorily throughout different cultures, creating hope and happiness within people across the globe in distinct yet familiar ways. In her spare time, you can catch Kira at a riveting concert, traveling, watching anything by Studio Ghibli, or at Disneyland! Instagram: @kira_ann1|| View My Articles 

Copy of fullsizeoutput_6adJacqueline Nofal | Writing Contributor + Marketing
B.A | Communications | UC San Diego
Jacqueline is fourth year student at UC San Diego and will receive a BA in Communications and minor in music this June. She has always loved writing, telling stories and making people laugh. She is continuously captivated by a story’s ability to inspire, entertain or bring hope to people. She loves reading, watching movies and definitely anything Disney! She also has a love for music. She has been singing most of her life and is currently singing in the La Jolla Symphony Chorus. In her other free time you can find her traveling, volunteering, listening to music, going to the beach and just enjoying the San Diego sunshine! Instagram @jackie.nofal View My Articles

IMG_9941Joanna Prabhu | Writing Contributor + Marketing 
B.S | Public Relations | San Jose State University
During the isolation and tough realities of today’s world, the need for good entertainment and leisure activities has become more important to maintain healthy optimistic minds. Student journalist Jozy Prabhu is an arts & entertainment writer who reviewed the first 2019 Cinequest movie, covered the first event of Facebook First Fridays at the San Jose Museum of Art, covered conductor Jeffrey Schindler’s live movie orchestral performance of “Star Wars: A New Hope” and more. Prabhu is a hair, skincare and makeup enthusiast, making her a well-researched writer for GeekRockTV’s Fashion & Beauty section. Keep a lookout for her stories on Instagram: @jozyprabhu| View My Articles | View My Projects

Bio Pic_LillianLillian Benwell | Writing Contributor + Marketing
B.A | Communications | University of San Diego
Lillian is a 4th year student at the University of San Diego and will receive a BA in Communications with a focused concentration in marketing/PR.  She was born and raised in Texas, living her first 10 years in Houston, TX and then another 10 years spent in Austin, TX. Lillian is a 5th generation Texan in her family, but the first to move out west and pursue a college degree in San Diego, California on both an academic and athletic scholarship for swimming. She loves to say up-to-date on the latest beauty, health, and fashion trends. She loves all types of music, anything from country music to female rap. She considers herself a modern-day cowgirl paired with a touch of gangsta. She grew up watching and loving anything Disney and has a passion for writing and telling stories to simply make people laugh, whether that be at her or with her. She hopes to pursue a career in marketing, fashion, and/or entertainment and enjoying an active and happy lifestyle in sunny, San Diego, CA. Instagram: @lillianbenwell | View My Articles | View My Projects

Stephanie RosasStephanie Rosas | Writing Contributor
B.A | TV, Film & Media | Cal State Univ – LA
Stephanie just graduated this past May at California State University – Los Angeles and received her bachelor’s degree in Television, Film & Media. She also has an Associates Degree in Film Studies and Liberal Arts. Though there isn’t enough time to watch every movie and TV show in the universe, she manages to find a way to watch as many as possible. When she’s not binge-watching something, she’s collecting nerdy memorabilia, writing in her free time, taking care of her baby sister, or cooking up new keto recipes for her family! Instagram:@brokeincalifornia || View My Articles 

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