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16195365_10210126904061463_2528511742171603780_nMachelle Noel | Founder, Managing Editor & Host
B.A | Digital Media Production | SDSU
Machelle is known for making waves on-air, on-camera and online! She is a professional geek and loves to dabble in all things geek! With the “personality of a Girl Scout and a self-proclaimed Power Ranger”, she is a walking encyclopedia of 80s movie knowledge and has no shame binge-watching movie after movie for the ‘crying moments’ every single time. Follow her adventures as ‘Lois Lane’ via Instagram @MachelleNoelTV.

Copy of fullsizeoutput_6adJacqueline Nofal | Writing Contributor + Marketing
B.A | Communications | UC San Diego
Jacqueline is fourth year student at UC San Diego and will receive a BA in Communications and minor in music this June. She has always loved writing, telling stories and making people laugh. She is continuously captivated by a story’s ability to inspire, entertain or bring hope to people. She loves reading, watching movies and definitely anything Disney! She also has a love for music. She has been singing most of her life and is currently singing in the La Jolla Symphony Chorus. In her other free time you can find her traveling, volunteering, listening to music, going to the beach and just enjoying the San Diego sunshine! Instagram @jackie.nofal View My Articles

unnamedLauren Badilla | Writing Contributor
B.A | Communications | UCLA
Lauren is a senior and transfer student at UCLA who will be graduating in June with her bachelor’s degree in communications. During her time in college, she has been especially interested in focusing on journalism and public relations as potential career paths. Lauren has always been passionate about storytelling which is why she enjoys writing, movies, TV, and music because they help bring stories to life for many people to enjoy. In particular, she is a huge fan of Disney, Marvel, and the Harry Potter franchise and enjoys listening to indie/alternative music. When she is not binge-watching the latest show or listening to her favorite albums on repeat, Lauren loves fashion, playing piano, baking, and spending time with her friends and family. She is very excited to be interning for GeekRockTV as the program will give her a chance to put her skills to the test while utilizing her love of all things pop culture! |  View My Articles 


Shay Santos | Writing Contributor
B.A. | TV, Film & Media & Comparative Literature | SDSU
Strangely obsessed with rule-of-thirds, color theory, and lightbulbs, Shay should not be left alone with a camera for any extended period of time. She loves telling stories, be it on page or on screen and at the discretion of her two friends. Her one rule for filmmaking is that every shot should be aesthetic. Her second rule is that you don’t have to follow the rules. And the third unspoken rule (punishable by excommunication from the boba squad) is that it absolutely MUST tell a story nix sound, dialogue, and SFX. Catch Shay chilling in the manga section of Barnes & Noble or jamming out to anime OSTs. Connect with her on Instagram @zafra.photography | View My Articles 

Stephanie RosasStephanie Rosas | Writing Contributor
B.A | TV, Film & Media | Cal State Univ – LA
Stephanie just graduated this past May at California State University – Los Angeles and received her bachelor’s degree in Television, Film & Media. She also has an Associates Degree in Film Studies and Liberal Arts. Though there isn’t enough time to watch every movie and TV show in the universe, she manages to find a way to watch as many as possible. When she’s not binge-watching something, she’s collecting nerdy memorabilia, writing in her free time, taking care of her baby sister, or cooking up new keto recipes for her family! Instagram:@brokeincaliforniaView My Articles 

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