Now Hiring!

Love pop-culture, comic cons, live events and movie reviews? We’re looking for ambitious and creative SUPERHEREOROCKSTARWRITERS to assist us with putting out more amazing content in 2023! Work-Remotely-From-Home!

Build your published portfolio with us while pursuing your degree and career. We are looking for creative, self-driven content creators who want to build their published source material. 

Our writing positions are on a volunteer-only basis, We try to reward our writers with free review copies, swag, free access to events, interviews, etc. as much as we can. All our positions are available as internships. Depending on your college, you can earn credit for one semester.

—————————————————————————————————————— is looking for several Interns to provide for our engaging and ever-expanding online magazine/blogs, social media platforms, webcasts and website community. Work as little as 5-20 hours per month!

Freelance Publicist / Writing Contributor:

  • Create brief blogs from our previous webcasts and upcoming summer shows.
  • Write reviews of on recent movies, music or local attractions (live theaters, concerts, music festivals, albums, theme parks in your area) and etc.
  • Write media interview qs for potential actors & producers coming to our show.
  • Undertake daily administrative tasks to ensure the functionality and coordination of the upcoming Events.
  • Format video transcriptions: Use the converter/transcriber software to proof read and edit the video blogs (from audio to text blogs) <> record your voice-to-text on your smart phone.

Social Media Management:

  • Help with the marketing announcements and engage with our online community by monitoring discussions, posts, and comments across multiple social media channels.
  • Increase the number of followers we have on social media platforms (organically).
  • Periodically review websites and other interactive properties and recommends updates of content and design.


  • Your name appearing as our ‘Writing Contributor’ on our articles.
  • Your name appearing on our ‘Media Relations or PR Team’ slide in our future videos.
  • Your name appearing on our IMDB credits (See Writing Credits)
  • Your name appearing on the ‘Meet-The-Team’ page.
  • Our brand name on your resume as our ‘Intern, Assistant or Volunteer’.
  • Work-from-home with your flexible schedule.
  • Work as little as 5-20 hours per month!


  • You will get a first-hand look into how a multimedia/podcast network functions on a day-to-day basis. You will also have the opportunity to learn about podcasting, social media marketing, production and media relations/publicity work.
  • Our rotation program will provide you tons of projects to work on (to showcase your work with other employers). We want our you to gain as much knowledge as they can and help them grow within their career aspirations!


  • Working toward or received a degree in Journalism, Communications, English, Creative Writing, Film Production or in a career field in writing.
  • Knowledge of AP Style, Cision and creative writing techniques.
  • Passion for the geek lifestyle culture, pop-culture and entertainment industry.
  • Passion for television and the entertainment industry.

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