Power Rangers (SDCC 2020 REVIEW) by Kira Proctor

For this at-home edition of Comic-Con 2020, the Power Rangers are back in full force! Various contributors to the classic comic and television series Mighty

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Walter E. Jones

SELRES_c0353448-7486-4109-be08-18f53085e5fdSELRES_515bd468-bbd4-4fa2-a68c-8d304f31fef0SELRES_515bd468-bbd4-4fa2-a68c-8d304f31fef0SELRES_c0353448-7486-4109-be08-18f53085e5fdBack in the early 90โ€™s, it wasnโ€™t uncommon for fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to watch Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as well. Although