GeekRockTV interviewed the Flash himself at Comic Con San Diego this summer. Grant Gustin was excited to be at the con and discuss the future of the Flash. What’s on everyone’s mind? How will Barry deal with his daughter time traveling? At first Barry will be skeptical because a lot of people have come threw the vortex and lied about their true self.  Ultimately, if Nora really is his daughter, he will have to accept it. How come Barry didn’t teach his daughter not to go back in time and mess with the time line though? This question made Grant chuckle as he spoke about the hardships this situation will bring to Barry. Barry has had his life taken away from him and now he can’t even raise his daughter the correct way since she’s in her twenties. This situation is extremely bittersweet for the favorite speedster because it’s another aspect of his life stolen from him. This emotional family tie will be at the center of season five, which Grant is looking forward to since messed up family situations are the formula to superhero content. In addition to the family drama, the team will also have a new villain. He won’t be a speedster, but will be terrifying and dark. Audiences will also see a new crossover this season, which will introduce Batwoman into the DC television universe. If Barry goes to Gotham, Grant thinks Barry could handle himself. He’s dealt with Nazis after all. Grant thinks the fans will enjoy the new crossover because it’s going to be different, but specific. More on that to come. Keep an eye out for season five of the Flash this fall on the CW.

GeekRockTV sat down for some individual time with Carlos Valdes at San Diego Comic Con. Carlos shared some insight about what we can expect from Cisco this season. Cisco will have a lot of time to process his breakup with Gypsy. How will he cope? Champagne. When asked how he feels about playing Cisco, Valdes responded with he feels comfortable playing the character because he’s been with him for four years. His personnel skill of compartmentalizing has allowed him to connect with Cisco perfectly. Meanwhile, Team Flash is currently having a moment of relief and comfort after the craziness of season four. However, this season we can expect a lot of emotional drama with the arrival of Nora. The theme this season is going to be family. Lastly, Cisco talked about interacting with Tom Cavanagh’s Wells character. They have a great connection and Valdes hopes they can explore the dynamic of the characters more this season. He loves Wells as a character because he’s always changing and change is something he believes in.

GeekRockTV sat down for quality time for Tom Cavanagh at San Diego’s comic con this summer. The interview started with Wells discussing the different versions of Dr. Harry Wells audiences will see this fall. Keep an eye out for Sherlock Wells in the upcoming season. It’s going to be a brand new Wells. What does Cavanagh think makes a good superhero? Flawed people who can do extraordinary things. Cavanagh spent a lot of time discussing Iron Man and how the genre became successful by casting Oscar worthy stars in popular content like superhero movies. He believes the Flash works because they embrace comedy with the drama. The character of Harry has experienced a lot of different emotions, which is something Tom enjoys doing. “Harry is a bad ass.” Cavanagh loves playing Harry because he’s an older man who gets to be a part of this superhero world. More importantly, he loves the process behind the show. The work, the stunts, the hours, all of it! It’s an experience like no other for Tom and he’s grateful for the experiences the Flash has brought him.

The cast of The Flash sped to San Diego Comic Con this summer. GeekRockTV was able to sit down with Tom Cavanagh and Carlos Valdes who play Cisco and Dr. Harry Wells. Both actors were in a playful mood and discussed how each other’s characters have strong fan bases, which has allowed them to stay on the show. They joked a lot as they refused to give any answers to what to expect in the future. This season you can expect to see Cisco get some help with the creation of a Sherlock Holmes/Wells like character. Can this new character be trusted though? The 100th episode is approaching and Tom is getting ready to direct it. His way of directing is letting the actors take control and ride their coat tails. It was surely a playful table interview!

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Hartley Sawyer to his first ever San Diego comic con. Sawyer plays the character Ralph on the Flash and spent a long time discussing the future of his character. In season four, Ralph went through massive growth, which resulted in his acceptance of dying. He realized there are things in the world that are bigger than him, which Sawyer appreciates about the character. In season five, Ralph will be figuring who he is an individual while spending more time at work being a private detective. His resilient archetype will aid him as he realizes people still don’t take him seriously… Yet. This is a new Ralph tho! The Thinker is gone for good.  Sawyer also disused how season five is themed around family and audiences can expect to see a bromance form between Ralph and Cisco. Additionally, except Ralph to challenge Barry and Nora. Sawyer hopes to see Ralph and Joe form a closer bond this season as well. Stay tuned!

GeekRockTV sat down with Candice Patton, one of the only non-meta humans on the Flash. Dressed to impress, Patton discussed her relationship with Nora for most of the interview. As viewers know, Nora came from the future and met present day Iris. Iris and Nora have a weird relationship and Patton is curious to see that unfold in future episodes. Why is Nora standoffish? This hits Iris hard because she had a messy relationship with her mother and didn’t what this to happen to her daughter. To add to the family drama, Joe has a baby, which makes Iris a half sister. So much family drama this season and Patton is ready to take on that challenge as an actor. In the addition to family drama, Iris will be returning to her roots as a journalist. Patton believes in the power of journalism because she believes that the press has great stories to tell in today’s society. When asked what the tone of season five will be, she replied with a mix of lightness and darkness. She mentioned that the new season will be similar to season 1 in tone and storyline! The relationship between Barry and her will also take on new heights. This Louis Lane-esque female is ready for the new season and left us with one piece of advice, “don’t mess with the timeline.”

In the midst of meeting the speeding cast from the Flash, GeekRockTV sat down with the stylish and joyful Danielle Panabaker. She dove right in and discussed how her character Caitlin will be exploring and learning more about Killer Frost in the upcoming season. Killer Frost left at the end of season 4 and Panabaker wants to explore the reasons why she left and what made her leave. She hopes Killer Frost will be back and the writers will let her be bad. She wants her to be the “Killer” in Killer Frost. Overall, she’s excited for all the things coming in in the new season because it’s presenting her growth as an actor and creative. She will be directing an episode after being inspired by Tom Cavanagh. Is she nervous to direct? She was calm and collected because she knows how things are done. Since it’s TV, the cast always has to work with new directors, which can be challenging, but it is part of the business. In regards to Caitlin, Panabakers hopes she continues to improve her self-motivation, exploration and coming to peace with all the events that occurred in season four. Lastly, keep an eye out for Iris as a reporter this season and Nora’s character development in the flash unnerve.

Jessica Parker Kennedy sat down with GeekRockTV to discuss all things Flash, acting. and TV. Something we learned is that Kennedy was not a fan of comic books or the show itself before joining the cast. Joining The Flash was one of the best choices she has ever made though! It opened her eyes to the world of heroes and she is grateful for the legacy she gets to leave behind. She spoke a lot about her character Nora, who is a silly, awkward, goofy, and a youthful woman whose going to continue to make mistakes in the new season. Her youthfulness is going to allow her many adventures. At the end of season four, Nora messed with time and made a terrible mistake she must deal with this fall. Kennedy thinks the mistake was made because Nora is fast and doesn’t stop to think about her actions. This season she hopes she’ll be able to get one on one time with everyone in the cast, but understands it’s hard because her character is heavily involved with her parents. Speaking of parents, she hopes to remedy her relationship with her mother. Nora is a daddy’s girl, but still wants a relationship with her mom… Eventually. At the end of the day, Kennedy is so happy that the cast and crew welcomed her to the show. She loves the Flash because it is a funny, silly, serious show with high stakes that deals with reality. As an actor she wants to do the best job possible to make everyone happy, including herself.

imagesMatching wits with The Thinker, who by season’s end had harnessed the powers of all 12 bus metas he created, stretched Team Flash to its limits, but with the help of some new allies, Barry Allen (a.k.a. The Flash) and company were able to put a stop to the Enlightenment and save Central City once again. However, with the arrival of Barry and Iris’s speedster daughter Nora, who appears from the future admitting to having made a “big mistake,” things are anything but status quo. Will parenthood be the challenge that finally slows the Flash down? For answers to this and all your other season 5 questions, please join the cast and creators of The CW’s highest-rated series at their annual Comic-Con panel. From Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television, The Flash will return to The CW this fall on Tuesdays at 8/7c. | The Flash

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