Monsters University

indexThe origin story of Mike and Sully takes them to their early college days when they first met, before they have their careers at Monster’s Incorporated. Mike enters Monsters University eager to become the scariest monster on campus, while Sully enters laid back, believing that his name (he comes from a long line of excellent scarers) will get him a good grade. When Mike and Sully soon form a rivalry, then let it get the best of them that leads to their spot in the scaring program slipping away.

The story opens with young Mike on a field trip to Monsters Inc. He meets a worker who gives him a Monsters University (MU) hat, then witness him scaring a child. From that point, Mike wishes to follow his footsteps and become a scarer. The movie jumps to Mike’s first day at MU and shows that he is determined to ace every test, pass every class, and earn his degree in scarring. He meets reality when other students tease him for not being scary, including Sully. Sully forms a rivalry with Mike and they both brake an important monument that belonged Dean Hardscrabble dean of the Scaring Programs and founder of the Scare Games. She kicks them out of the program as punishment, leaving Mike and Sully’s hatred to grow stronger.

Next semester gets more interesting with the characters getting used to college life and the start of the Scare Games. The Scare Games is an annual competition between fraternities and sororities. Mike announces and bets with Hardscrabble that if he wins the competition, he should be allowed back in the program. He then joins the “Oozma Kappa” fraternity team (OK) which are filled with innocent-looking monsters with their personalities to match their looks. When Sully hears the news, he joins as well despite his history with Mike. So, then Mike, Sully and the OK brothers take a gander at the games. Will they win the games and be allowed in Hardscrabble’s program?

As a student who graduated from high school alongside the movie’s release, the movie relieved tension for me as well as other students. Mixing highs and lows of the college life. Studying non-stop, meeting new friends, teamwork, and having fun were lessons I got from this film. The development team for this movie did great on the traditions colleges/universities and their students and staff celebrate as well as the students’ life throughout a school year. However, this movie is not only for college/university students. Others who have not attended college/university can still enjoy it for its story, comedy, and voice cast. Whether people can relate to the movie or not, it will certainly bring a crowd together at a movie theater.

Aside from an exciting story, the movie teaches an important lesson that anyone can learn. When someone closes a window of opportunity, there are many more that will lead to our goals. That piece of reality fits with the university theme with adults learning that life has its twists and turns and may throw us off our trail, but there is always a way to get back on track, no matter how long it will take. This movie is a great movie to show high school and college students as a “coming-of-age” movie because of the content it delivers within the laughs and story.


Release Date: June 21, 2013

Starring: The Voices of John Goodman, Billy Crystal & Steve Buscemi

Director: Dan Scanlon

Genre: Animition/Adventure/Comedy

Audience: Children and Family

Rating: G

Runtime: 104 minutes

Official Social Media Pages: 

IMDB Page: @Monsters University

Wiki Link: @Monsters University

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