I Can Only Imagine

I-can-only-imagine-PosterQuality faith-based movies are pretty few and far between. Sometimes they end up too cheesy that the audience physically cringes from second-hand embarrassment, and other times the dialogue is so clunky it’s as if two people just threw something together for the heck of it. However, I Can Only Imagine is based off the song of the same name and the young man who wrote it. From a critique point of view a person can’t really judge this movie based on characters and plot because this is a true story based on a real person’s life. That being said, this movie exceeded expectations and brought tears to many eyes.

I Can Only Imagine had a meager budget of $7 million, but turned that meager million into an $83.4 million success. According to Box Office Mojo, this movie is now the sixth highest grossing Christian film (no movie can touch the $370.7 million masterpiece that is The Passion of the Christ). The Erwin brothers directed the biopic. Its center conflict is between the young singer + his dreams, and the abusive father + his frustration. The movie starts with Bart (the main character) as a child and ends with him releasing his new song some 10+ years later. The conflicts and hardships Bart went through to get to where he wanted to be were not easy for him. He went through: physical and verbal abuse, breakups, severe sadness and loneliness, and ultimately familial heartbreak. His faith in Christ was the foundation that held him up. Even at a young age he knew where he wanted to be, and knew Christ was the only One who could get him there. In the end, his song I Can Only Imagine was an instant success. It has topped not only the Christian charts, but the secular charts also.

I Can Only Imagine is a movie about a man who, despite the highs and lows of his tumultuous life, never gave up. This is a message that everyone can relate to. Never give up, no matter how hard life is, because someone out there believes in you too.


rachelRachel Heggenberger | Writing Contributor
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