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Gala-banner-crop-666x381The 2019 Movieguide Awards was presented on Hallmark Channel. Hallmark Channel has a purpose to create positive stories so families can enjoy watching together. Movies like Spiderman: Into the Universe, I Can Only Imagine, Medal of Honor: “Hiroshi Hershey Miyamura” and other films were awarded with great recognition on how impactful the films are towards audiences.

We held an interview with Hallmark actor Brennan Elliot took part in the award by presenting. Within our interview with Elliot, he expresses how important God is when it comes to his acting career. He also expresses that being able to love and accept yourself is important for those who aspire to do something they want to do, and that may be acting of filmmaking, to have faith and trust. We were also informed for the upcoming premiere of Crossroad Mysteries in which he and co-star Lacey Chabert. The two actors are recognized in their previous works with the All of My Heart movies that fans love and enjoy.

Host: Machelle Noel here at the 2019 Movieguide Awards and joining me right now is Hallmark Star Brennan Elliott. Brennan, thank you so much for joining us this evening.

Brennan: Anytime, Anytime, I’m having a blast.

Host: So excited, just saw you presenting. How did that go?

Brennan: I don’t know, you tell me how did it go? *laughs*

Host: I think you did really great. I was like Wow! That’s Awesome!

Brennan: Lacey (Chabert) and I were saying, we don’t get nervous doing films or movies, or TV. But that was probably more nerve wrecking [presenting on an award show]. It’s just not what we’re used to you know? But it was a lot of fun and we’re at a great cause and…  I’m so honored and proud to be here. Making you know, family content and great uplifting entertainment.

Host: Awesome, now speaking of the fact that we’re at the Movieguide Awards, how much does a particular event mean to you? What does this mean to you?

Brennan: I think you know having kids myself. My Wife and I… we really want to watch programming that our kids can watch and that’s important. I think with the culture and the political climate in the world. I think these kinds of movies and TV shows, I really feel that families are gravitating towards. I think it’s just cause you want to feel better about yourself, you want to feel uplifted, you want to learn a message that’s gonna make you… feel more positive about life, and I think its important. You know? I think it’s very, very important. So Amen to that, yeah.

Host: Awesome, and then what inspirational advice do you have for filmmakers and actors who want to get into this industry? since we’re all about inspiration here.

Brennan: I think just, if you- if your hearts telling you to do it. Go for it. Just trust and have faith and know God’s going to guide you and, and be able to do what you want to do. And, you know it’s funny, you know like I- I’ve studied in New York, I went and did all the schools and stuff and I’ve been acting for a long time. To be in this position, I was thinking about tonight just watching all the great films that they were, you know, announcing. I thought, I’m led here by something higher than what, you know. You know we all want to do certain projects that we start out thinking are great, and then we end up being in stuff that’s even better. And so, I’m very blessed to be here and I think there’s something obviously I truly believe there’s a higher power up there guiding me and I think that’s what this message is for.

Host: God being are agent.

Brennan: Absolutely

Host: I just love hearing that from actors. How has acting enhance your life professionally as a person and spiritually as an actor?

Brennan: Uh, Wow that’s… Um… as an actor, you have to dig in- you have to- first of all. For me, to be an actor, to be someone… when I watch someone who’s wonderful, they gotta look like they’re not acting. In order to do that, you gotta accept yourself. You got to love yourself, and If God loves you, why can’t you love yourself? So I feel like, a lot of these messages, uh parallel that. If you could really love yourself, and accept yourself, cause God loves you even if… with your faults, then um you really believe you wanna be an actor or an actress then, then go for it. Just trust and have faith that if you love yourself, he loves you, it’ll all work out.

Host: Wow, that was very well said. Now what can be expect from you in the Hallmark channel? I know you’ve got so many great movies coming out. Is there anything you can tease us?

Brennan: I can tease you, March 10th. On Hallmark movie mystery channel is Crossroad Mysteries, our pilot episode movie.

Host: With Lacey!

Brennan: With Lacey which we’re very excited about. We’ve done All of My Heart movies, now we have a new series. We’re going to do 20 movies within the next 5 years called the Crossroad Mysteries. This one is called, A Puzzle to die for. Um, and we’re really, really excited. You’ll see us in two different types of roles. Um, and… I’ve got a few other things obviously, I can’t really discuss yet. But, TV series and some other features and stuff that I’m working on. But I mean, Hallmark obviously has been something that I, I never say no to cause they’re like family. And I’m very close to, to Bill and all of them.

Host: And you have such great chemistry with every actress. I don’t know how you do it, but you’re so great.

Brennan: Thank you, and that means a lot. And I think it’s a testament to also the actress’s I got a change to work with on the network, and any like. I always believe that when you’re making a film, it’s not about this lead or that. But it’s about a collaboration and just put your, you know be humble and… you… (go through the door) and try to collaborate and create something really beautiful and that touches people. And Lacey and I are not only have done 5 or 6 films together, um, but we’re also very good friends. So um, I’ve become friends with a lot of ladies I’ve worked with and I’m just blessed. I mean Hallmark has been really great to me and, and this was just such an amazing event.

Host: Yeah, you guys did great. Thank You so much Brennan.

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