Keith Carradine

We made it to the 2018 San Diego International Film Festival’s (SDIFF) Night of the Stars event when they honor celebrities, both on and off camera, for their successful projects. This year, we were able to meet with Keith Carradine, who is currently in Madam Secretary (CBS) and receiving a Night of the Stars award for all of his accomplishments in music—in Broadway to be more specific—and acting. He was featured in various Broadway shows, released a couple albums, and received awards for his work. Carradine opens about his strong friendship with Gregory Peck, whose named after the award Carradine received, and that he is honored to receive such an award.

To close of our time with Carradine, he shares his love for his show Madam Secretary for not only Téa Leoni’s marvelous acting, but how it shows politics that goes on in The White House. Although he did not mention any projects that he will be a part of soon, he did leave off advice to filmmakers and actors who are rising in the industry. He preaches that luck is not real; moreover, it is more of being ready for an opportunity, not being given the job. Through practice, those who are reaching their goal will get there sooner. Once again, congratulations Keith Carradine, we hope to see more accomplishments from you in the years to come.

Host: San Diego International Film Festival 2018 – Joining me right now is Keith Carradine. We’re such a huge fan of yours.

Keith: Thank you.

Host: He’s here to pick up a wonderful award tonight at The Night of The Stars! How are you doing, Keith? Congratulations by the way.

Keith: Terrific. Thank you very much. Nice to be here.

Host: So what went through your mind when you receive about this award and what does this particular award mean to you?

Keith: Well it means a great deal to me because Gregory Peck was a friend, you know, and his late wife Veronique— They were dear friends and I’m really touched and
honored to be thought of for this.

Host:  Awesome! Okay, well, the independent film festival is about bringing awareness to these types of filmmakers. What advice do you have for those folks who want to get into this industry? Both filmmakers and actors.

Keith: Well, you know, it’s like the old joke: How do you get to Carnegie Hall. Practice.

Host: Exactly.

Keith:  You know, if you have something to offer, work on your craft. Get as good as you can get. There’s no such thing as luck. Luck is simply being prepared for opportunity when it comes your way. Be prepared.

Host: That’s true. We love you on Madam Secretary.

Keith: Thank you.

Host: Do you have any special projects that you would like to share? Or a little sneak peek about the current Season?

Keith: The season opener aired on Sunday night and we’re in Season 5. I feel very privileged to be a part of this show. Téa Leoni is the best of the best. It’s interesting to be doing a major network television show that’s based on the world of Washington politics
and particularly the world of the state department. I’m very happy to be a part of it.

Host: We love you and we’ve been watching you for almost 5+ seasons and congratulations. Hopefully, we get to see you in the future as well. Congratulations on
your award tonight.

Keith: Thank you.

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